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Posted by on 2021/11/13 under Life

I Guess Some Guys Watch Their Wife Have Sex. I WATCH My Daughter.

That's just the way it is. It's my house and MY rules. That's what I told her. I guess it's a cliche and maybe I got the idea from other parents. I don't want her getting pregnant in the backseat of some car. I have enough problems without that! Her mother and I are divorced so she lives with me. I set the rules and the rules are that she is allowed to have sex ONLY at home, with her bedroom door OPEN and under my supervision.

That includes oral sex, penetration or when she masturbates. She had some guys reject her terms but she found one who complied. She gets satisfied, he gets satisfied and I get satisfied. Everybody wins. I make sure she uses birth control and that he wears a condom. I do enjoy watching too.

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