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Posted by on 2021/11/12 under Life

Yo call me whatever you think, slut hoe blah blah… but I am in the point of my life, where I haven't had that much interaction with male human beings..And also at a point where I have crush on almost every guy out there whom I have seen… s***… Like right now, I am in my coaching classes sitting at the last bench (back benchers baby) finding 2 guys, who are sitting in my row , in the first front bench, attractive. TT…

Yo, when I am sure, I know, I believe, that I am unattractive and I am the person who won't be able to be in a romantic relationship cause my personality is s***ty just like that, I can be a great friend but my personality is so yuck that no one would want to be in a RELATIONSHIP with me… me having crush on every other guy out there,crushing on them.. is kinda okay I guess..*shrugs*

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