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From my log book: I am engaged to be married to my awesome fiancée. She is beautiful, smart and ideal for me. She is Jewish and I am not so that presents a few problems. Her family is against her marrying a goy (non-Jew). Plus I am not circumcised. This can NOT be tolerated by her family. Her older sister is a surgeon who is going to circumcise me. That way there will be no doubt it was done. However it is rather humiliating for me.

My fiancée already took me to an appointment with her older sister, the "Doctor". I was examined and they discussed how I should be cut and trimmed. They talked about me as if I wasn't even in the room. That underscored that I have nothing to say about it. She is deferring to the preferences and medical expertise of her old sister, the Doctor. It makes me somewhat uneasy that I will be cut to please her older sister rather than her.

At the Doctor's insistence, I went back for a second appointment to see the "Doctor" by myself. I was put on the exam table again and re-examined. I was placed in restraints for the meticulous exam. The Doctor informed me that I was NOT going to impregnate my wife because that would desecrate the family line by bringing in goy blood. She told me that she wanted her sister to have wonderful Jewish children and not half breeds. The Doctor said that her Jewish husband who is also a physician would impregnate my wife.

The Doctor told me that on my wedding day, my wife would be inseminated by her physician husband. The process would be repeated daily until she carried a Jewish child. She told me I would watch and see my wife being impregnated and celebrate the child's conception. She explained that I would never be allowed to bring a goy child into the family. I would have a nice home, trust funds, a position in one of the family companies and luxury. She said if I wanted all of that and to see my fiancée again I needed to understand my place and accept it. I was told to make my decision now.

She explained that to assure my compliance she would immediately neuter me by a vasectomy with the tubes removed so it could not be reversed. She said the other alternatives were physical castration or chemical castration. The Doctor said she assumed I would choose the vasectomy as she swabbed my balls with Betadine. As she held my balls in her hand, she looked at me and smiled coldly adding that alternatively she could just remove them.

She warned me that her family was important enough to prevent me from ever seeing my fiancée again and she suggested that I go ahead with the procedure. Reluctantly I agreed and signed the consent forms the best I could with my bound arms and hands.

I was shocked and surprised when she then brought her husband physician into the examination room. I thought we were alone. He informed me that he was going to do the vasectomy as he said, 'We don't want any problems with these little things' (as he examined my testicles).

His wife stepped behind me and inserted an airway piece in my mouth as she said the procedure might hurt a little bit. Her husband took a scalpel to my scrotum and I writhed in pain. He said he was sure it didn't hurt all that much and I was overdoing it. He told me it was good for me to learn who was in charge and good for me to learn my place. He proceeded to remove the duct from that testicle while I suffered in agony hoping it would be over soon.

Then he asked his wife if she would like to do the other one. She took her scalpel and opened up the other side of my scrotum while he tightened a head strap and the mouthpiece. When she was done, he probed the area to be sure the duct was gone. Then he sutured me up.

I was moaning in pain and he said, 'We can just remove them if they are really that much of a problem'. His wife added, 'They WILL be removed if you ever become a problem. Be thankful that you can have a good sex life with your bride, you just won't be able to get her pregnant.'

I was kept in her clinic overnight to recover. Her husband left and she remained to instill in me my proper place and have me repeat my commitment to her, her husband, her sister and her family.

The next morning her husband picked me up and took me for several days of recovery
with me continually pledging my loyalty and obedience to him, his wife, family and my fiancée.

This is the start down the road to marriage into a Jewish powerhouse family. I doubt that there will be any interest in my experiences, but if there are I will answer the questions and write more if requested.

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