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Posted by on 2021/11/06 under Life

i been without anything to do for days on end now i miss people like crazy and im keeping all my feelings in a little bottle to myself i been wanting to kill myself for a while now with everything thats been happening to me i was missing this boy named christopher for a while now and he jus texted me but i got my phone taken i dont know wht im gonna do i only have a school computer and a school ipad i dont know how long ill last before saying f*** it and kill myself its really draining and sad trying to find something to do when you dont wanna do it and wanna do something else i jus wanna text my friends and play roblox but we are too broke to even keep my phone for more then 9 weeks its so draining wonder and being scared to leave my own mother with my phone scared shes gonna take it and make something up to do so no we are jus broke and she wont say it instead of getting my hopes up and telling me im gonna get it back in 2 hours she could jus tell me she was gonna sell it bc shes too broke and doesnt have a job i wake and and go to school now and but im not happy im tired so tired of waking up and doing nothing all the time waking up to stare at the wall wake up to nothing to eat wake up to the cold moring with nothinng to do tryna get my grades up for nothing my brithday is in like 37 weeks and every year i dont get nothing but my brothers do im so sad my dog died and life has been going down hill from there can even srtop crying now

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