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Posted by on 2021/10/23 under Life

"Okay, you little b****, let's go," Iroh says, wiping the blood from his nose before throwing a punch at Azula.

Azula screams as Iroh punches her. He continues to punch her and she screams out in pain.

Azula ducks and punches him in the gut. Iroh falls over, panting, as Azula reaches down and slaps him across the face.

He looks up and sees her. "You dirty, rotten piece of s***! I should have killed you ages ago!"

Iroh punches her in the face. Azula flies back, hitting the floor with a thud.

"Mouthing off to me won't solve a damn thing! I am not a damn Fire Lord!" Iroh punches her in the face again. Azula screams in pain and falls to the floor. Iroh picks up his katana and brings it down across her head, decapitating her.

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