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Posted by on 2021/10/02 under Life

Toxic jealousy has taken a toll on me, please helpe

One thought on “Please please help

  1. Anonymous says:

    How? By knocking your in the head and telling you the truth? You need to realize you are only projecting your own inner wants and thoughts of (running around) on another and blaming them as the cheater.
    The reality is that your just that insecure and desperate and lucky someone would have you …. or your just that “gagging for it” and are that clingy/desperate for attention 24/7. thus you need their head up your butt and praising you 24/7 just to feel secure,praised, needed, wanted, important.

    more so, jealousy is mental as it shows you are always wanting to control everyone’s acts and thoughts. master Control of your own thoughts not others.

    There! I hope that helped.

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