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Posted by on 2021/09/18 under Life

i don't know when it happened. just one day i suddenly stopped enjoying life, nothing about excites me anymore. all it consists of is hurt and tears, what happened? currently i'm stuck in this state where i can't feel anything and every day is the same. i've had a lot of time to think and my conclusion is why am i still here. there's no point in staying when no one wants me too. i recently had my heart broke, i really wanted him to be the one, but he wasn't. he was so sweet and funny and he had the prettiest blue eyes i've ever seen, i could call them home. his voice was smooth and comforting. i would have loved to call him my home, but i wasn't going to be his. he gave me this hope to hold onto and it wasn't anything, but lies. he lead me on and took pieces of me with him, it's not like he cares anyways, so you know what cole, if you ever cared please give me my damn heart back you a******. i would come back to you, but i won't. i'm typing this out so i won't have to think about you all the time wishing for something that won't ever happen. idk it just hurts and im tired of it, tired of you. in all fairness you didn't deserve me anyways, you clearly didn't deserve my love, it would overwhelm you. you would leave anyways.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    True! Just only for one person don’t waste your time and tears.i know it’s hard to you believe it but trust me he don’t deserve you and even he is not your match. You deserve more than him. You know what you will find someone who will love you like there is no one in his world but that person who you love will never find one.

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