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Posted by on 2021/08/11 under Life

I was never one to have hero’s or look up to some famous persons or idealize anyone. However I did view my mother as someone to look up to (biased is my guess), as I’m sure most young children do. There was a teacher in elementary school that I was quite fond of. She was traveled, educated and well spoken. She kept her memorabilia from her travels around her classroom. She would play classical music during study time. She had a love of the arts. She was spunky yet strict but in a caring way. Whatever happened to the good teachers, they seem hard to come by. We were her children in those few hours of learning and she was determined to enlighten us about math, history, language arts, social studies, and art. Not a timid lady she once put on some music, stepped up on a table and showed us how to do the bees knees. All these years and my mom still doesn’t believe she got on the table and danced. In her memory I started wearing Sunflower perfume. I wanted to be somewhat like her. I wanted to travel, submerge myself in culture and art, read, be well rounded. She wasn’t the only person that left a good impression on me, I’ll always remember her.

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