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Posted by on 2021/08/04 under Life

…because love will not break your heart
Thinking you're in love is what breaks your heart 🙁

One thought on “you & i both

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love can hurt. It’s frightening and at times it can break you. It can leave you feeling broken. You can get absorbed in caring about them, worried about them, wanting the best for them. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, you can’t make someone love you. You can’t keep letting yourself down when the other person isn’t in love or willing to love you the way you want or need to be loved. Love can be confusing. I constantly question romantic love and it’s authenticity. I don’t have romantic love figured out but at times I think I do. It’s for people in a relationship that don’t want to call it quits because they want to grow old together, it’s when you forgive them and learn to trust them again because losing them feels like losing a piece of yourself, it’s hating all their annoying habits but dealing with them because you couldn’t imagine them being anyone else but them self, it’s working together to build a life together, never giving up on each other. I don’t think love happens overnight, you fall in love, you make it grow. When it fades away or you grow apart it can feel like it’s going to break your heart. Then I wonder if we all just grow/ adapt to someone, we become use to them, deal with them, grow accustom to who they are. Idk.

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