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Posted by on 2021/08/04 under Life

i really wish i havent been so manipulated
when you give someone all your time and effort and they treat you like
nothing about you is important
nothing you do is worth a s***
and you are invisible
it hurts
ive wished for so long that someone would come into my life
someone so special , charming and caring
to help me through & past the loneliness and neglect that you force on me
but no one gets it
or they choose to overlook it
or , even still , they just believe its not even possible
but it is possible and its happening to me
its been happening to me for many years
no one comes to shine a light on this prison i live in
i find myself feeling hopeless more than less
its a bit difficult staying positive for others
having a legit happy smile for the ones you love
when you are dying inside
i just wish you would allow me to be me
even if you dont like me , or appreciate me
at least let me be me
and dont force everyone around you to deal with all your negativity and insults
not everything is about you
even if i dont ever find love again
i just want my peace and continuing sanity
no matter what materials you take away
believe it people
life is best with nothing
all the money in the world cannot keep you happy
especially when you are just a prisoner
one last thing
people think i live some sort of charmed life
that could not be furthest from my reality
i live like a maid
one whose opinions and feelings matter
if you dont love someone dont force them to be with you because you have no place to go
do the right thing

One thought on “im pretty sure u cant understand if u cant relate

  1. Anonymous says:

    im the maid whose feelings and opinions DONT matter sorry i cant fix :/
    its also hard to see through tears in your eyes

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