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Posted by on 2021/08/01 under Life

Sure wish I did not decide to get married to her again. I long for my second wife, we had so much more of a connection. I messed that up though, and the rest is history. I only married her because I wanted to reconcile myself with god and make my daughter happy. I’m not happy though. I hate her family. They make me sick. Her sister is who I hate the most. Ever time I look at her, she makes me sick. I put on an act every time I go around them and her to be exact. I’m pretending to be happy, while on the inside I feel like I’m rotting away. She doesn’t inspire me to be the best I can be. I will despite her though. I have no sexual urge for her. She is not attractive at all to me. I rather master ate and think about someone else besides her.

If you ever felt like this please share your feelings with me…

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    Every time*

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    I’ve been master eating.
    I believe I’m filling just another void. I like to do that. I eat tasty fancy little desserts, carbs and delightful breakfast food.

    All my eating and lack of working out is not good. Soon I’ll start working out again. It’s hard to be motivated lately.

    Oh masturbate, no I haven’t been. I’m not much in to sex as of lately, I’m more into just being rubbed or my hair played with. I could go for a nice cuddle or hug. I miss hugs the most. The ones I get mainly are sticky from small arms.

    I don’t think you are alone in your feelings. I was there not long ago. I wanted someone and closed my eyes to see if I could remember their face but just the thought of them was all I really had to do….

    No one makes me sick in anyone’s family because I really don’t give too many of my thoughts to people I’m not fond of. Why worry about not liking someone and choosing to be fake around them. Seems foolish to me.

    I’m sure when my sorrows were great and my head was cloudy I was chasing after a longing.

    You should let yourself be happy you deserve it. I don’t know if leaving your second wife is a option, if not I hope you find something to make you happy in that marriage.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Btw, from your title I got excited. I’m a lesbian.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re reply was great! Thank you…

  6. Anonymous says:

    No problem and just fyi I said not long ago about thinking about someone else but it really was long ago. It’s not something I do anymore.

    I don’t think it’s wrong. People have sex dreams of others all the time, we watch love between people in movies and some watch porn. I really think there’s a different between cheating and looking/thinking about someone. I do think you deserve to be happy and I hope you decide what is best for you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i personally do not watch romance or sex in movies because of the control freak that forces me to live with him seems to think im the a****** and in doing so chooses to make excuses to stay away from sex with me , being nice to me or even saying nice things.
    im not allowed to be in love of my freewill , so porn? yea Right! romance? that just upsets me

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s horrible! Why do you stay? I usually watch horror or comedy movies. There’s an occasional sex scene even in them, probably not too much love. I try to stay away from romance or lovey movies, I just end up feeling emotional and crying like a big baby. I guess I try to stay detached for love or lovers or anything like that. Most porn has really bad acting and it messes it up for me.

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