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Posted by on 2021/07/19 under Life

Before I read into that she was selfish. She's just so insecure. She can't get over what needs to be done with and can't move on from what's not going to happen. There she sits alone at an empty table just wishing and a hoping for the wrong talk man in a little shirt to rush her of to the trough. While the hens are laying she's she sure to be filling her head on make believe and storytelling. The truth isn't complex it's as simple as seeing it first hand. She wants what she can never have and she won't stop at anything but the sad salty truth is her dreams will always be more beautiful then her reality.

The time is now to wake from your insecurities and hurt. It's time to live in the now. What truths are in your face. He's with her best friend. She should make more, want more and not settle for what is out of reach or not willing to want her back.

His parents and him alone will move on and end up happy. Fulfilling what he needs. Don't be stuck …

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