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Posted by on 2021/07/06 under Life

Kim Idiotic stupid dumb Taehyung, You need to know that as long as you remain single or unmarried and display that 'Single ready to Mingle' or 'I'd make you want me so much but you can't ever in your life have me' Or ' I will make you love me but I won't be your man' type of vibes onscreen , I fuqing can't date or marry anyone… You're already successful , infact at the peak of success… A💲💲hole just marry someone already or of you're a gay Just come out already…BTS, you guys might help people change their life even 0.1% or 1% in a good and positive way but let me tell you , you guys are gonna completely destroy the lives of the same people more than 1%..maybe 20%… Just stop playing with emotions of all the females or gays out there.. you guys EARN money from the love we shower or give you. That's the worst insult possible to anyone's feelings.. that's disgusting.

2 thoughts on “The guy…

  1. Anonymous says:

    But on the contrary, I wish you all the happiness and positivity and peace cause I know the field/ industry you guys are in is sooo S***ty and dark and disgusting..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Motherfuqer a****** they are FINEEE and good, stop being a baby and get a life idiot.. idk if you realize but..they’re so good at everything and they EARNED everything from the start..

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