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Posted by on 2021/06/26 under Life

You make me want to scream. Not in excitement but a type of blood-curling scream from deep within that makes you think someone’s getting murdered. My anger is making my stomach turn. I’ve imagined sticking a pencil in your eye repeatedly over twenty times. I won’t harm you or raise my voice so I slowly dig into my lip with my teeth. As I taste the blood in my mouth my ears are in agony from your unrealistic expectations and point of views. In frustration I raise my hands to my hair put my fingers through it and pull for a few seconds. Making excuses to get away I nearly don’t leave fast enough so you can’t hear me breakdown in tears. My eyes fill and they pour down my cheeks. With quivering lips I try to stop crying and calm myself. All I wanted was someone to talk to.

One thought on “Dear Jane,”

2021/06/26 at 3:28 pm

I tried to reach out to my aunt but the response was not to comfort but to tell me what a pathetic person I sound like. She told me I should go to a shelter and work a job that I personally feel is not fitting. She has no clue about the real world. It was the last time I’ll call her. She wasn’t involved in my life anyway. She made me feel horrible and I couldn’t get her off the phone.

Stop assuming things are about you!

So tired of people reading more into my posts then them just being vents about people IN my life.

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