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Posted by on 2021/06/10 under Life

I have always been lonely always felt incomplet .. am not saying that my life is bad its just I don't have that person who I need him by my side .. my girl wasnt honset with my she lied to me about her feelings .. She broke my heart till this day am still hurting .. my friends aren't real friends they are just half 💔, like they really make me feel am not really important . Sure people do have reasonabilitys and every person in the world is dealing with alot of pressure but I do also have but what makes me different from them is that I do care about theme, I see alot of friends hanging with each other like ten guys know eatch other .. I don't have alot of friends am littel anti-social guy but I swear when they need me I always stand up for them . but when I need theme they just keep procrastination about anything they don't want to come sometimes .. they invite some else as if they are telling my am very boring person 🙁 .. friends are really rear these days .. gosh like friendship problems wasnt enough my ex-GF broke my heart .. she lied to me , she used me for her own good 💔 I did everything for yet she seemed I don't know .. I read in her tweets she wasnt happy at all from the start I told many times but she was lying .. god she broke me the most .. I really wish that some day she remember what she did to me in near future 💔

One thought on “Life is unfair :(

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s sucks ,
    I bet you are one of the better persons
    I’m one of the horrible ones and believe me one great friend is better then no friends or a bunch of crap friends.
    You will most definitely find a girl that’s more deserving of your love and companionship ‍♀️
    Like me most horrible people are worthless and s***. You stay clear of thems, we be everywhere.
    I’m sorry, if that means anything to you, about your broken heart and f***ed up friends.
    People use others when they feel that they’ve been used. You can have your hate or anger because you are entitled to it, but sometimes people are more screwed up then what they show. This can look many of ways. That’s not an excuse but it’s not nothing either. Don’t blame yourself for the unfortunate females and I’m sure not holding a grudge wouldn’t hurt.

    I’m just a worthless stupid loser so I really don’t know anything but take care

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