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Posted by on 2021/06/07 under Life

I’m working in a customer service role. My job is tough. I deal with 15-25 customers a day and many of them came to us being angry and frustrated. Many of them can’t or don’t want to explain their issues properly to us. Some of them are just mean. Our company wants us to solve each customer’s issue in 15 minutes. The reality is that we spend way more time than that. Emails after emails. Whatever the company doesn’t care. We have a kpi and are monitored for what time we end work. I realized there are 3 types of people. Those who are super smart and have no other commitments than work (no children or ageing parents whatsoever) can do it. Those who are not so smart and don’t really care much about quality- they finish the work and have not so good feedback about their work. And those like me, not so smart but care and we end up working OT because we want to give our best but we can’t do so within 15 minutes.

I actually want to move toward type 2 because i have children to take care and I’m not so smart and I’m not so healthy. But yeah, i have this urge to perform well so i force myself to perform well.

I think i found my strength. I’m actually good at selling. This never came across before because i have never been in a sales position in my life. But suddenly I realised oh I’m submitting a lot of leads a month. Oh I’m actually good at this.

Though i like solving issues I don’t like stupid issues caused by stupid and ungrateful least at the nitty gritty level ok.

I want to change my job because every day i hate my job so much.

But I’m just a few months into my new job. I’m pregnant. Oh i feel like the cards are stacked against me.

But whatever the worst case is that i persevere till my maternity leave.

Meanwhile, if I can find a better job in an equivalently good company then i will consider leaving.

In the case i stay till the end of my pregnancy it means i will have to endure the OT till then.

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