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Posted by on 2021/05/30 under Life

I don't konw did I take right decision or not? But i can right now I am felling like I had take wrong decision. I should go with flow and should not interfere in that decision. But how can i not interfere in that decision it's question of my marriage . I never took decision against my parents wheather ita my study or other things but now I had to take right decision for my marriage. Of course it's question of my whole life. But how can i this explain to my parents. Now they behaive with me like I am kind of disease. I just hope in future the decision which I took it would be correct and best decision of my whole life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry whoever you are!
    Parents think the best for us so they must have chosen someone better for long run but still if you are not okay with their choice just tell them say what you find wrong or not suitable in their choice
    I hope you will be happy with whatever decision you take.
    Be sure to spend your life with someone great for you not for anyone else.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah you are right

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