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Sometimes I just think I’m better off alone with no one around sometimes I wish no one knew me or the way I am I wish I could of done things better in life I slowly see myself going to waste I’m only 17 and I feel like I’m throwing my life away I don’t know what I want anymore other than to be alone yes I want a good future for myself I’m not smart I’m so behind in school and I just feel horrible inmate myself so much sometimes it’s not healthy for me to feel this way I feel like I have the devil on my back sometimes I’m just so scared of what might happen to me I know if I had my mother I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling this way or hating myself I would be a totally different person I wish I had the chance to see her again and have her tell me that I’m fine and everything is ok I was only 3 I don’t know her!:'(

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  1. Tia says:

    If you’re 17 and you’ve realised there’s a change to be made, then you’re in the best position ever 🙂

    It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve wasted time so far.. it’s never too late to pick yourself up. Life’s there to live.

    If I was your mum, I’d want you to remember what Barney Stintson said:”Whenever I’m sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead!”

    All the best with everything. I’m sure your mum is watching over you.

    Do what you like doing and do it WELL.


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