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Jhan Claude Mithra Fawn

Kandma Red Charlie King Gavledon


* are a nouns action

() are somebody's thoughts

Normal text is talking



Jhan- *They run quickly and nimbly from the three guards chasing them, they look back and forth pulling their black cape hood back onto their large feline ears. *

Guard #1- Hey you come back here!!! *slowing from exhaustion*

Guard #2- Split up!! *Hes out of breath and falling behind*

Jhan- *jumps up onto a dumpster and then a roof then continues to jump on the line of buildings* *slightly smirks and cackles a little*

Jhan- (that was a close shave with the royal guard almost immediately I had just snuck into the kingdom) *spots a doorway and slips in*

Guard #3- Guys they’re gone *pulls off helmet and shows her long wavy black hair* (How does this person run so quickly? They looked shady before but now they’re quite suspicious we might need to look into this.)

Jhan-*Looks around and spots a wardrobe full of royal butlers and maids' uniforms. * (Am I in the Castle already!? Wait- I can use this as an opportunity but I need to hide my ears a butler's outfit won't work)

Jhan- *looks back at maid uniform* What luck *puts on a maid's long dress and hides their tail. They then hide their ears under their bonnet successfully hiding them* (This seems to have good chance of succeeding.) *folds up the clothes they were wearing and shoves them under the wardrobe*

Servant- *walks in* Oh I'm so sorry ma’am I'll leave I didn’t see anyone walk in

Jhan- your just fine hon, I'm finished I'll go instead (That was close!) *bows a little*

Jhan- *walks out quickly* (Wow! I just stepped out of the servants' quarters and the castle is this expensive looking) *looks around and notices a table with a vase on it *Picks up and puts vase down* (So now I need to just find the kings room)

Jhan- *Walks up and down the halls till he spots a guard by a door* (ill just pretend that I belong here) Hello sir may I enter I'd like to tidy up

Guard- um yes ma’am *slightly stuttering* *opens door*

Jhan- Thank you sir *Bows and smiles slightly* (I can't believe that this is working so well) *Walks in and looks Around* *Starts to notice it’s a bedroom* (wait- who's room would need guarding) *gets startled as he hears someone talking outside* tries to quickly put down the paper he was looking at

Claude- Excuse me *he says softly*

Guard- *he doesn't speak but instead opens the door and look down*

Claude- Thank you (Not surprised, no one ever speaks to me) *walks in and notices a maid looking at him like a deer in front of a carriage*

Jhan- *Staring kind of blankly* (THIS IS THE PRINCES ROOM!?! Wow he’s pretty mousy) U-um hello hi I was just uh- cleaning? *hiding the paper behind his back*

Claude- (what she’s talking to me? Must be new here but wait- she's talking to me!!) Oh, hello continue to do what you were doing, and I noticed you looking at my studies though I don’t suppose you can read can you?

Jhan- I can read (oops- I shouldn’t have said most of the people in this kingdom can’t read) *They add* I'm self-taught I've read books I quite enjoy poetry and plays.

Claude- Really? *he says excitedly* (Ive never met somebody who actually speaks with me about what they like) Do you like A midwinters daze?!

Jhan- Ive read it but Ive never gotten to see it preformed (What is going on here?!?) *Sets paper down and walks towards the door slowly*

Claude- Hey wait please don’t leave (No! we’ve just started talking) *He grabs Jhan's hand and then trips* *they knock heads together* I'm so sorr- So- sorry *stutters and then just stares*

Jahn-*they rub their head and then realize their bonnet fell off. * (Crap- Hes seeing my ears) *Grabs bonnet from floor and shoves it back onto their ears* so now what

Claude- *Just plain confusion* wait you're a demi-human, but you’ve haven't tried to eat me? *He is now considering his whole life is a lie*

Jahn- *shocked* wait, eat you? *bursts out laughing* Where'd you hear that nonsense. (I'm actually a dire human but he doesn't need to know that yet)

Claude- (I thought it was just common knowledge) *He is now embarrassed* I was wrong? They teach everyone demi-humans are monsters.

Jhan- And you believed them? *slightly shocked* (this guy is either gullible or all of the humans think this.) *they stand and offers their hand to Claude, a peace offering. *

Claude- *Hesitantly takes Jhan’s hand and is pulled off the ground. * Well yes, I never really thought to doubt it; and you're not really a girl, are you?

Jhan- Um no I'm not a girl exactly and what are you going to do to me? (I have no idea what to make of this guy I usually know how a person's gears turn.)

Claude- *Walks over to the couch by the fireplace, sits down and pulls his knees to his head. * I don’t know!

Jhan- Hey are you okay? *They realize the position he put the prince in.* I could just go and pretend nothing happened.

Claude- *shocked and then panics* No, no, no, no, don’t go yet I- just sit here for a sec. *hurriedly pats the space next to him*

Jhan- okay

(switches over to Fawn and Mithra)

Mithra- *flies and lands in human form into the treehouse*

Fawn- Hey Mithra did you see anything on the border *walks towards her from the other room knife in hand sharpening an arrowhead*

Mithra- Not much we should start planning to go *hugs Fawn*

Fawn – Okay so how are we planning to sneak in *Swiftly walks into other room*

Mithra- Do we have enough force to pull off a Coup D'état *walks in after and looks at the miniature model kingdom*

Fawn- I don't know yet really, we need more intel *sinks into an armed chair hands on fore head thinking* and we can't just walk in to the main kingdom ugh what to do

Mithra- Why don’t we sneak in as foreign entertainment like dancers. *She says with a little flair and twirl*

Fawn- uh Mithy I'm not so sure about that. (It wouldn’t be a strong plan honestly and there wouldn’t be much room for a backup plan

Mithra- We could wear head scarves to hide our horns and your ears!! *Still messing with her and trying to cheer her up. *

Fawn- um so, no? *stands and looks up and puts her hands on Mithra's shoulders* Not a good idea

Mithra- *Laughs loudly* I'm just kidding Fawn.

Fawn- You made me struggle to find a kind way to say that wasn’t a good idea!

Mithra- Well I found it funny. Did you not?

Fawn- I guess it's funny mithy *hugs her* but we need to find a plan of action maybe we should visit the other commanders.

Mithra- Yeah, that's a good idea we can also visit Kandma and maybe Jhan if they're here. *She says excitedly*

Fawn- Remember, Business we need to discuss a plan of action the most of our ideas have been destroyed by the expansion of their reach over the forest which is slowly pushing us back.

Mithra- About that I think Ive come with a strategy to help with that. (It's kind of risky I'm not she sure will go for it.)

Fawn- What are you thinking? *Sits with her leg over back down onto a soft leather chair wood chair*

Mithra- Well, we could set up outpost farther away and then set up a holding cells so instead of just being extremely violent just killing the soldiers that are going to be killed for not following orders.

Fawn- While that is a very peace worthy idea, I'm not sure Kandma will go for it. (I love how she is always coming up with the ideas that spare as many lives as many lives as possible it's an unusual mindset for the head of an army.)

Mithra- *hugs her and the pulls away with her hands on her shoulders and then looks at her* Fawn, you are my closet advisor, friend, and partner. I want to know how you feel about this plan.

Fawn- Well personally looking at it from a tactical standpoint it'll be hard to feed the soldiers that we’ll have to capture. Though looking at from a peaceful moral standpoint it’s a great idea.

Mithra- So are you saying yes, or no? *Standing with her arms crossed. *

Fawn- I'm saying we need to discuss this further with the council it’s a pacifistic idea that we need honestly if we’re trying to be peaceful after we take over. *looks up from the chair*

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