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Posted by on 2021/04/12 under Life

I don't know why these past 6 months I have affection for animals or should I say street dogs mostly when they are so small. Someone left a cute and beautiful puppy in my colony .when I saw him I thought how could be so cruel to left this beautiful puppy. He was very afraid to roam in different ways. I saw him and arrange some food for him. After some time in evening 2 people took him away to their home I was happy that he got roof on his head and got some love otherwise he wondering around colony. But in next evening I got to know some dog bitten him I got scared for him, I can't tell my family otherwise they will scolded me for being so involved in these things. I just pray for him to his safety. Then next morning I saw him again in my colony. I became so happy for him he is alive but some bitten Mark was there so I put Some medicine on his wound. He stay or should of say rest in one corner. He didn't troubled any one and didn't bark any one he always afraid to everyone. But today one person beat him by stick just because of he did s*** on his outside house(it was not his area). So he beat him mercilessly. I got to know . I was so furious to saw his marks I told my father that dog didn't do any thing why he is beaten him? He is just a small puppy. My father agree with me and went to meet him and told him not to beaten again and do anything reckless thing. I hope he understand and in future he will never hurt him. (I know you probably thinking why can't I have this puppy in my home because I had already 2 puppies but I had to leave them because of some circumstances which I can't describe to you . So that why I can't have him in my home . I don't know I feel so sorry for him I don't know what should I do)

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    call police

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