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Posted by on 2021/04/08 under Life

Life is stranger then fiction.
Maybe you’ve heard that saying before?
Many writers that write fiction, once in awhile stumble upon a story so strange that there’s no way that anyone could have made it up.
Not too long ago I remember watching a murder doc, something that I often do, and a gentlemen (I can’t remember his name. Writer, mainly a crime writer ) was explaining a murder that took place. As he told the true story there were twists and turns unexpected, and of course it ended in tragedy. People are unpredictable, they’re twisted.

It would be so easy just to black box everyone but if a computer was in charge it wouldn’t be able to analyze our behaviors. I like to look at people as individuals, with similarities based on cultural differences, experiences, ………. and what have you. Yet we are as unique as our fingerprints and as unpredictable as a tornado. I’m old , so I should know somethings , we’ll just let you wisen up a little yet.

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