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Posted by on 2021/04/02 under Life

I don’t care if you think erasing all my words hurts. I don’t care, it doesn’t! I was just offering help. I will still be here, be strong, I will still be me. I’m clearly someone you are threatened by. But why? Is it jealousy, do hate me, why are you so threatened by me? Are you an ex, an exes girl, or just someone that has taken a jealous liking of me, maybe you find it fun to hurt people. You need to find yourself! You need to find your essence, let go of the ego. Lay off the internet, let go of competitive behavior, let go of trying to punish, let go of hate. Stop being confined to this false reality. Become your true self. Not the person that you are because of your parents influence, not the person that’s influenced by the people around, become who you were before that. Not one person was born with hate, jealousy, lust, or evil. Find yourself and become the person you once were.

I see you hurting. You try hard to hurt others. Only when you take the time to look in you will heal.

You call names and spread lies. It’s sad to see someone take so much time out of their life and put it towards attacking others. I hope you realize what’s important in life.

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