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This past week has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster… Last Saturday 17th March I got a text message from my sister who said you need to cum here… It was like i instantly knew that something was wrong…I took off to her place to find other family members cars there and my niece sitting on the front step crying…. I ran inside to find my sister sitting hollow looking on the couch and my other niece standing near the mantle piece crying… I asked what had happened and my niece yelled cried that her brother was dead… It was like being hit by a mac truck…Here i am standing in the middle of the lounge trying to comprehend what she had just said…. I asked what had happened and she told me… That too was like another truck hitting me…. It all seemed so surreal.. How could this possibly be happening… My husband rang and i told him so he could tell our children then I rang my sisters and broke the news to them which was the hardest thing i have ever had to do…. It was then left up to one of my sisters to go tell our Mum as she lived out her way and we didnt think over the phone was the right thing to do…..The police came and informed us as to what had happened and tragically enough they got the cause wrong which was very disturbing as my niece was so distraught and was worried that her brother had suffered but after some time we found out that they (as there were others involved) had gone to bed and simply went to sleep and never woke up….Trying to keep it off facebook was the hardest thing and truly the saddest thing…Why is it that people feel the need to try to be the first to want to break news like this… Do they not know how to show respect and sit back and wait for at least 24 hrs till everyone that needs to know know… There were still family members in my family that didnt know and the last thing you need or want is for them to read it on facebook… It was sad enough that that is how some of his mates found out… Gone are the days of family being the first to break the devastating news… Its like the newspaper death notices… It seems now the younger you are the less pieces that are in the paper.. I can understand how expensive it is but i find it sad that facebook there to has taken away the public display of love for people… Not everyone has facebook so the older generation miss out and misunderstand that yes this person was highly loved and respected but its free on facebook.. SO some of them never get to see the wonderful tributes posted too and about the loved one….This whole week has gone soo slow up til thursday when we went to do his viewing… It was a cold bitter night and made much worse as you knew what you were install for… You looked so peaceful just like you were sleeping and we were waiting for you to open your eyes and speak…But you didnt…You were never going to again…. My sister asked me when i came out what you looked like… She was afraid that you wouldnt look like our nephew as death can alter colour and looks… But you just looked like you which was a relief… It would have been devastating if you looked different in anyway… We spent an hour with you saying our farewells and placing photos with you of every family member…I didnt want you to go alone so i thought a bunch of photos would be comforting for you….Photos of the people that loved you the most… Your family….. Friday was your funeral it was big… There were plenty of people there.. You had touched so many lives.. Your mates carried you in for the last time… Your services was simply but lovely.. No religion just straight down the line… After the service we stood around talking then we went back to your sisters to gather together in support and to share wonderful memories… It was a very sad day but a beautiful one… Beautiful just like you were…. You were not just my nephew you were more like a son…. You had shared so much of your life with us… Being part of your life and up bringing was not only a privileged but an honour….You will forever be in my heart with your brother.. That part of my heart belongs to two special boys that never got to grow old……(6 and 26 yrs old forever)This is not good bye its until we meet again… I love you with all my heart….forever your loving aunt <3

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