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Posted by on 2021/02/10 under Life

I’m giving up on trying to figure out what the hell has been going on. I’m being shamed by someone’s friends…..I guess. I really don’t know. Maybe an ex boyfriend that’s resentful for me leaving. I couldn’t tell ya. They follow me around the f***ing town. I can’t wait to move (far, far away). This town really has nothing going for it. Small town mentality, overpriced property and its lack of jobs is enough to get me to move in the first place. I should’ve never had to go through this. I’m glad I stopped talking to everyone in this town a long time ago, especially my neighbors. I think they are all deceitful, and I really can’t trust anyone anymore. They’ve made me feel uncomfortable in my home, in the area I’ve lived in almost my entire life, not to mention how I interact with people around here. I hope nothing like this ever happens to them, or to their kids, if the have kids. Good job 👏.

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