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Posted by on 2021/02/10 under Life

I had only wrote to vent and for some online companionship. It was others that came to gain followers (seeking power and to manipulate) and/or some others that need a following. Not all but some.
I wonder why I’m such a threat to them, I wonder why they accuse me of things that they’ve done to me, I wonder why they don’t want me on those site. Is it that they are attracted to someone on there, is it that they really don’t know me at all and it’s just another person to bring down to their level. Except I will never hate myself as much as you hate yours, I will never let someone so insignificant in my life get to me, I would never purposely hurt others, I would never be so insecure to not let people have a voice or converse, and I would never be so threatened by someone because I know my worth, I know how smart and caring I am.

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