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Posted by on 2021/02/09 under Life

It’s to keep us all safe

I’m old enough to remember when you could drink and smoke on the tube on a night out
and jump the barriers if you had no money for the fare home.

There were even designated smoking carriages.

If you could get hold of even a tatty London Underground cleaner’s jacket you basically had free travel with no questions asked.

It was the equivalent of the hi-viz jacket, it could open any doors like a magical cape.

Muslims blowing up tube-carriages and romanian beggar-women hawking tissues wasn’t a thing, and our own people appeared in virtually every advert and on every seat speaking english together.

No-one questioned it, no-one tried to demonize it, this was normal everyday life in a free country.

How times have changed.

You can’t really argue against banning smoking but do we really still need constant reminders?

Yes tourists might not know but I’m sure someone will tell them to stub it out if they assumed they could.
There are enough busybodies among the public and tube staff, the flame would never touch the paper.

There was also the freedom of knowing your every move wasn’t monitored by CCTV and swipe cards.

You can’t bill post on the tube, that’s their job.

Unimpeded views out the window are just not on, it’s valuable eyeball space to remind us what we are not allowed to do on their system even though everyone already knows as it’s been drummed into us for years.

Mind The Gap
See Something Say Something
Due to the wet weather conditions
No Smoking
No Alcohol
Hold the Handrail
It’s to keep us all safe

It’s a relentless stream of health and safety announcements that only a retard needs to hear and if that’s the case they shouldn’t be out in public unaccompanied in the first place.

This messaging is designed to infantilze us, to condition us that the nanny state is looking out for us and ‘keeping us all safe’ and to ultimately help drive us mad.

It’s to keep us all safe.

In reality the opposite is true but it’s only when you compare it to alternatives the dystopia really hits home.

In Russia works of art adorn their stations. In Italy the trains ran on time. If Stalin and Mussolini could do it why can’t we?

Instead we get race-replacement propaganda to look at and entire stations festooned in health warnings.

We should be hearing soothing classical or ambient music but instead it’s a barrage of commands reminding you not to trip over your own feet or put your foot into an obvious gap. Or to keep your hand-made muzzle on at all times but still hold the handrail in case you fall over, something I’ve never seen happen on the underground, and even if you did, what’s worse, a grazed knee or the plague that’s lurking out there on every surface?

In 2017 transport bosses banned the greeting “ladies and gentlemen” in favour of a gender-neutral alternative just to underscore the dehumanizing and alienating system they have created.

How apt that someone like Sadiq Khan is currently in charge of it all and would have bankrupted it last year had it not been for government bailouts.

Mainstream Britain has become a truly horrible place to live, lockdown just shed all pretense. It’s full of compliant cowards who have turned on family members who speak the truth of our predicament and instead hang on the every word of snide little politicians like Matt Hanc*** and Khan.

They are a disgrace and are the very reason we now eek out our non-lives in this undeniable hellscape that should so easily have been heaven.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So True and very well put! Even abroad across the waters and globe.

    Should God’s or an Angles tears fall from the heavens in attempt to purify the world, it would be tainted by the world over.

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