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Posted by on 2021/02/04 under Life

Once again I did it again I decided to fall into temptation but this time I abused my father's power instead of not doing it willingly I did it willingly and it was a terrible thing to do because My Father deserves better and the person I once again lied to doesn't deserve to feed up nonsense she deserves the truth. the terrible part is that even though I willingly did it I did it because I didn't want to sacrifice my time I even did it with worship music in the background. What a fake I am I Know my father will forgive but I did it with the intention that he will forgive me so once again I abused his power for no good reason and there will never be a good reason behind this just the pure laziness of the bottomless pit of myself.

One thought on “Dont lie

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your father is not a proud man he’s gonna spank you. You should be good. It’s called self control many lack it, so you may get of with a good lecture.

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