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Posted by on 2021/01/30 under Life

My girlfriend from school Sm**ti M*sh** got placed in T*** S***l this year. Salary 90000 per month. Let me tell you she has zero idea of her subject. I am studying the same discipline in another engg. college(private).And I have observed that she doesn't even know the basics of her discipline. But she got the highest package placement in her batch. She told me that she got scolded by a teacher also for not answering simple questions in comprehensive viva voce. But she then proudly told me she got an A grade in the same. Later she revealed that she has political connections using which she is applying pressure on college administration and the company where she got placed to give her good grades and hire her respectively. I also came to know that she arranged politically so that other students of her batch are not hired in the same company. I am shocked. She should be removed from the company for doing such conspiracies soon. This is totally illegal. I cannot reveal my identity because I am a common person. And she is politically strongly connected. Let me tell you all, if at all any one reads this, she is not even capable of studying in the NIT. Totally dumb girl. She had a relative in FIITJEE administration in her hometown who arranged for her. She is a cheater thats all. Only interested in boys, fun and drugs. Now Let me tell you another thing, since I am revealing the truth, if she finds this, she won't be able to digest and start putting allegations of cyber crime and all those dumb laws which are under her control as usual. Even an education minister is her family member. So basically, being a common powerless person I have no right to tell the truth. The one with political connections has the full right to declare day as night if they wish. Huh. I broke up with her when I came to know about all this stuff. Just writing all this if I can spread awareness about this b****. If ever you encounter her, just stay away. She is a b**** and a witch as well. Pity on her batchmates who are unaware of her conspiracies. Just hope some of her batchmates come across this and file a legal case against her. I can't cos I am powerless as I mentioned earlier.

One thought on “Placement scam at college

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the plague of work foce/political/society to me. Under qualified but popular and connected and put into undeserving powers.

    Assuming your confession are correct of course!
    Expect another false report of a Sex Scandal claim later on when her world of illusion falls apart. Its never the females fault.

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