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Me and this guy have been hooking up for a while. He is not just somebody but my best guy friend. We both have a thing for each other but no one really says anything. I don’t want to start a relationship with him just yet but I want my first time to be with him. I’m saving my first time till Prom, which is a month away, but it seems like he wants to pop my cherries already. We always make out in the backseat of his car. He picks me up from school every Thursday and we would talk for a little bit then he leans in and gently kiss my lips. Then he put his hands under my shirt and unhook my bra. He slowly kiss my neck then suck hard on my nipples. I press his head against my breast as a way to tell him to suck harder. Then he takes my arm and begin stroking on his c***. It feels weird for the first time but then it starts to get warm. Then he presses my head down to suck his c*** but I didn’t want to, just yet. He starts to unzip my pants then finger me. He was doing it so good that I started to moan. He stopped for about 30 seconds then start fingering me again. He puts his fingers inside me and I start rocking back and forth. It feels so damn good that I couldn’t help but moaning. He looks at me and said “Damn straight” then smile. He drove me home and we kissed each other then I went up stair. I love him as a best friend but I don’t know if I want to continue this friendship because I don’t want to do such dirty things with my best friend. I rather do it with a stranger and have a one night stand.

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  1. Millie says:

    Ooh that’s a hard one :/
    It’s better to. Best friend than a stranger you know him forever why not?

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