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Posted by on 2021/01/16 under Life

It’s cold in this old house. The furnace stopped working. I actually don’t think we have one but there’s no hot air coming out, just a burning smell. I’m covered in clothes trying to layer them on to stay warm. I might light the barrel of garbage that I keep in my living room later for extra heat.

3 thoughts on “It’s snowing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless you are some mental child..
    its probably a fuse or the fan motor if no air is blowing.

    Learn how to take care of such things and fix them yourself… opposed to whining online like a mental snowflake. “Male or Female”- quit thinking everyone or anyone “like me” is going to come to your rescue or feel sorry for you because you cannot Learn, think or fend for yourself.

    Serves you right for being a useless snowflake.

    Stay Warm 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi idiot,
    I started a fire in my living room so I helped myself. Why don’t you take your old fat ugly saggy penis skinned self to a strip club or get a f***ing life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    so you know how to start a fire? Lol you sounded so helpless.

    My saggy penis skinned self was only pointing out that you waste your time crying like a whimp, gimp or lard ass that you refuse to learn how to cope with life and the hard ships.

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