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Posted by on 2021/01/16 under Life

Lost in unknown territory we searched for some form of nutrients just to get by. There at last a corner restaurant invited us in with yells from a sign holder. The falling down building was sketchy but we hadn’t seen a restaurant in miles. As we walked in a rat the size of a kitten I once owned scurried by. The ceiling was leaking a green, brown liquid and it buckled above the tables. He’s food smelt like a rotting chicken carcass left out on the hottest day in June. When he came over to serve us he greeted us with a smile. His teeth a golden brown and as his grin grew bigger you could see the tarter that collected along the edge of his gums. Unkempt and not having proper sleep he stumbled over his words like a drunken imbecile. His eyes bloodshot barely open he glanced over our facial expressions. Trying not to give away my true opinions I keep a smile on my face and my eyes fixated on his.

3 thoughts on “The unwelcoming cook

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yet you have a cat and/or dog crapping in a box and in the kitchen at home while you cook. A rat is nothing less than either of the two above.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A rats always a rat. I don’t own pets.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why do you only pick out my post. You are so clearly obsessed. Back off you old loser

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