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Posted by on 2021/01/16 under Life

I’ll never understand the internet bully. It’s like damn you’re in your thirties and you hide behind a computer screen. They don’t bother me any but to think what kind of mentality would do something this disgusting. Is you self talk all, “I’m going to show you let me put these rude messages and comments on the internet. That will show them.” Now you’re such a badass.

When did being mentally unhealthy become so “cool”? I really feel for the younger generations and the stress that’s put on them is horrible but to act as if having a mental illness is something cool or favorable is sad to see. Having a mental illness is heartbreaking. It’s difficult, not only to get your life together but to keep it together too. For your love ones it’s the hardest. They can’t relate but they are effected by everything you do. It’s good that so many are becoming open about mental health issues and being more exciting. It’s another problem when people, especially younger ones, make it a fad.

6 thoughts on “I’ll never understand

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oops not exciting haha excepting
    Along with some other f ups

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very well put! Not.

    Hi Snowflake whiners!
    Mr. Internet Bully here.

    You will never understand me or my kind as you do not understand LIFE!

    Life is hard for most everyone and not some euphoric bliss of marshmallows, internet whiners, cell phones and ….well helpless fellow Snowflakes who side with you!

    Unless you are a spoiled snowflake that lives off of mommy and daddy’s money, fame and connections, life is more than super duper fast or witty thumb movements on a cell phone text messages. we Bullies would love to meet you face to face but would not waste our efforts or time (go out of our way) to identify or meet you in person. However! If our paths did or do cross, you will certainly realize we are not cowards that hide behind a PC and soon realize it is you who hide.

    Snowflakes do noting to contribute and complain about everything and then whine about someone whom they call a bully who calls them out on the simplest of things that are part of survival and common sense needed to survive. So much so even a 1970s 10 year old would surpass today’s society of snowflakes in such skills…Because snowflakes lack thoughts, are worthless queers/gay/lesbos… that will eventually diminish as civilization cannot continue on their terms of paths. they are th helpless, worthless and contribute nothing to society or even their own self preservation.

    Thus if it were not for the bully, the snowflake era would certainly starve to death within a week or month.

    All that said (and more not said)….
    Me, Myself and I “Mr. Bully would say the very same thing to you if I seen you in person. While you text for the police to come help take care of your mental issues.

    so No thank you for your time as you wasted mine!

    Mr. Internet Bully.

  3. Anonymous says:

    f-ups you mean like yourselves…. snowflakes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its an internet Sport!

    Just like telling blond jokes to blonds….”They don’t understand”.

    Thus …. You will never understand until its too late.

    So feel free to keep beliving “Pillow-Pants” is real up until you turn 40!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are clearly a big fat ugly loser!!!!!

    I’m not blonde but nice try idiot

  6. Anonymous says:

    another snowflake reply. You still don’t understand.. so who is truly the “looser idiot”?

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