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im so sad… i really dont want to let anyone know how i feel like my friends and family. Nobody at all. but i am so so sad. so this guy i loved since we was 14 we finally got our chance to be together alot of things seperate us so we finally decided to give it a try i spent beautiful days with him he told me he love me and i told him i love him and he told me how he was gona show me that he loves me … and being all sweet and making me feel like WOW OMG <3 and den out the blue he disapears ignores me and even decides to start talking to somebody else , now imagine how i feel now ? STUPID …USED ….DEPRESSED .. everything bad u can imagine i dont wana say anything to him i really dont i just want this feeling to go away leave me alone i try keep my mind distracted nuthing work nuthing at all i hate this so much. i get so sad randomly.. like im busy and all of a sudden it hits me ughhh help meeeeeee!

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  1. Millie says:

    Your doing good so far just keep doing what your doing don’t talk to him ignore I’m he’s irrelevant to you just like he disappeared sometimes guys just tells a girl what she wants to hear don’t trust words you gotta see to believe.. I know how you feel keep calm and stay strong you’ll be hella fineee(;

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