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Posted by on 2021/01/07 under Life

What is wrong with this country? If people want to protest the death of a black man killed without trial by lying down on the ground then they get rammed with cars, shot at with rubber bullets and tear gassed, as well as arrested for demonstrating their constitutional right of free speech but if you break into the Capital building, break the windows, cause everyone to evacuate the building stalling the election results, the police don't give a f***? Why is it that a black man can't jog around his OWN NEIGHBORHOOD without being shot, but some white teenager can parade around the streets with a semi automatic weapon, shoot four innocent protesters, be arrested but then soon pardoned and commemorated by the President? What kind of twisted logic is that. They literally BROKE INTO THE F***ING CAPITAL BUILDING! Any other country you'd get arrested for that kind of bulls*** what the f***. YOU BROKE INTO A BUILDING and the police are just watching from the sidelines like a gym teacher during the mile. You think the world is always going to be fair when your little, that everything is going to be a okay only to grow up and have that illusion completely shattered. I miss that feeling. f*** the police I finally understand why people say that. I'm just so disappointed in my government right now. My country is falling apart. These people claim to be patriots, to be heros of justice and yet they won't wear a mask for there fellow man. If there were to be WW2 again and there were nazis flying overhead there would be some s***head who wouldn't turn off his lights because it was his right to die a violent and fiery death even if it affects the well being of everyone else in his vicinity. These aren't heros these aren't patriots these are just dumbasses. F*** Canada isn't even far enough I want to move to mars or something. If aliens exist come abduct me already I'm dissapointed in the entirety of the human race. Why can't people just be kind to each other. What would Bob Ross say? What would Steve Irwin or Mr. Rogers think. Be considerate and treat others kindly becuase you don't know what they've gone through. Deep down we are all human. When we are all born we don't see color or race. We just see people. and then we grow up i guess

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