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Posted by on 2021/01/05 under Life

I’m glad I went with the initial feelings that I got from you. I wish it wouldn’t have been you. The one time I would ever think of doing something wrong and I picked you. You made me feel like s***. Not to mention insecure. And I should but not because of you. I felt worse after, I needed someone and you weren’t it. I see that now. In the way you treated me, talked to me, played games, and now moved on so fast. That’s fine! I want you to be with someone more on your playing field. Someone that won’t come into the relationship with baggage, someone you can have kids with and make a life with. I knew it wouldn’t be me. That doesn’t mean it hurts less. I caught feelings for you. As much as I shouldn’t expect you to be around for me I thought you might, even just as a friend. I tried reaching out once that’s all I’ll give you. Have a great life!

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