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Posted by on 2021/01/02 under Life

January 30, 2020
7:45 PM

After I did some work in the Summer of 2018 and saved around 2000CAD, I spent some (around 50) on sexual content. I spent 500 on getting a phone. Some hiccups made the process of getting the phone more expensive (like the stupid unexpected custom fees from FedEx. Also the fact that FedEx won't accept debit payments and won't deliver without the payment meant I had to travel to Mississauga to pick up my parcel. Then my older Windows phone f***ed up and I had difficulty getting transit in the freezing cold and paid for an Uber to come pick me up 🤦‍♀️)
I spent the rest mostly on meals on campus (I had an unhealthy late eating and TV watching habit. Since most caf├ęs close by 11pm and only the Falafel hut stays to 2am, I had to go out of campus and get pizza). I also have unhealthy soda and chocolate /candy habit that I don't bother to control because I don't care if I die from health issues🤷‍♂️. My life is f***ed up anyway.
My parents are angry about me "blowing off the savings"

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