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Posted by on 2020/12/31 under Life

As I sit on my beanbag chair I think over the past year the past events and realize that life isn't as bad as it seems. The eager feeling inside me for socialization is almost unbearable the feeling of just taking of my mask and hugging my friends and family dwells deep inside me like a little flame catching to grass and eventually catching on trees and burning down forests just from one little event to a world wide…crisis. I like writing even tho no one ever reads my stories my words I enjoy it,it makes me feel like jam talking to someone even tho theirs no one listening like an imaginary friend that your writing a letter to. Sometimes I wonder what other people are doing while I'm just sit here daydreaming I imagine them baking pancakes for they're family in the morning I imagine them snuggling up with they're loved ones. It bothers me that people have thoughts and they share they're thoughts and they get immediately get hated on haven't people heard of "freedom of thought" and " freedom of speech? ".
As I sit here watching vines from years ago I think and wonder how people can watch someone suffer and still only think about themselves do some people have any idea of what empathy is?

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