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Posted by on 2012/03/23 under Uncategorized

I like this boy in my class. We are both in college and he is younger than me. I know that I really just need to be friends with him so that I may just get to know him first but I honestly am not sure about anything anymore. I know that I want to see if there is any potential there and take it slowly, but I feel so undesirable. I feel stupid for even thinking that he might like me back. I am so scared to do anything that has to deal with him because I do not want to mess up our friendship. I just want to have fun with him. Just the two of us hanging out. I really do not know what to think about this anymore. For all I know he just wants to be friends and I am taking this overboard. From what I know about him he is so amazing! I think that we would have a good time together! I just do not want to try too hard. I want someone to like me for who I am and be able to give me affection like I would give them. A little flirting here and there, some hand holding, someone to hold me when I am sad….is that too much to ask?

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