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Posted by on 2020/12/08 under Life

I started writing on these anonymous forums at the end of last year. I was going through some thing that I’ve gone through before. About having a private place to talk about my feelings what happened to me when I was little and how I feel in general was healthy. But I was wrong! Someone Near me from a story that I taught and started stalking me heavily. At first it was online bullying but then they knew where I worked out at and they would leave messages in chalk all over the sidewalk where I would run. But then it was some girl in a white SUV that would drive by and smirk and yell stuff out of her window at me. So now they knew where I worked out at, where I lived, what car I drove and apparently my routine. They went to the extent of telling me what content that I kept in my car once. My husband thought that it was all in my head but I’ve never been paranoid. Then he too started to notice certain things that were being said. They once threatened me that they also knew cops and I should watch my back. They have hacked me on my devices, my computer and I think they’ve even been in my house once. One incident happened when I left my house and I was on this one Anonymous site, they somehow knew I was on the sites, they put you shouldn’t be in someone’s house when they’re not home. This person or people have stalked me on my electronics, at my house, where I work out and also got their cop friends to follow me places. I have not done a single thing wrong, I don’t understand why this is happening to me. It makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong. I understand that people are just plain mentally ill but to have this happen to me feels as if I am slowly losing it. I am not going anywhere and I’m not gonna let them win. I’m going to continue to become successful and continue to rise above them and they’re crazy bulls***. I have started to take precautions and do things that I need to do in order to feel safe. I have told my Counselor and many other people about the situation. I have somebody looking into what’s been happening to me, Messages saved and pictures taken, along with police vehicle numbers. I am taking action in order to prevent something bad happening to me and my family. I have not gone on anonymous website as much as I used to in fear that it was just some weird one trying to mess with me. Someone has taken this way too far! I have a pretty good idea of who it is but soon I will have confirmation.

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