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Posted by on 2020/11/21 under Life

I am writing this because I guess I want to share what is on my mind. I can say I am living my life, I live in the province where there is a fresh air, I have the things that I need, I have my gadgets, my motorcycle, I can go anywhere I can, I can do sleepover at my friends whenever I can, I am exceeding in my class, I have a lot of friends, I have money to buy my foods, I have clothes to use, I have my grandparents with me, I can get the things that I need or wants as long as I maintain my grades at school. Until one day, this living my life was crushed. When I say crushed, it went all back to zero. I moved to a new place, new environment, new country, new faces, new sounds, new acquaintances and a completely new life.
Well, I already saw this coming to me but I never thought that it will be like that quick. At first, I was all happy and overwhelmed, well because of-course I'm in a new place. For the first couple of months, I didn't care at all, I said ''Well, can't be that hard, isn't?'' and now, I am completely lost. I am missing my old life, my family and friends that I left and most importantly myself. I used to be an extrovert, going out all day, having fun with friends and family, not being scared of going out and home alone, but now, I am being an introvert (not that I am saying it like its bad) already, I don't feel like going out anymore, I don't have friends to go out anymore, I can't even go out and do sleep over anymore, I am not having fun anymore, nothing gets me excited anymore (unless talking or seeing my fam and friends back home). I am now completely the other side of old me. Well, I guess we all need to change our lives isn't? There is always a time to be not you anymore and be the new you. I know its complicated but we all need to accept and face tomorrow isn't?
Thank you for reading this. Ciao! x

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