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Posted by on 2020/11/21 under Life

really f***ing hate this s***ty person named C. damn unhelpful, damn clueless. I help her with 90% of her work but she's like f***ing ungrateful piece of s***.
yeah that's right. if you help someone for 1-2 times they will appreciate it and thank you. u help them the 3rd time and beyond they will think of it as ur duty and take it for granted.
ok ok I learned my lesson!!! damn painful lesson because my workload is so heavy but other people think I'm so free cos someone is helping me but actually they are not. 3 person on a team but actually only one person works.
anyway, the damage has been done and all the s*** will be gone soon so I just have to draw a clearer boundary from here onwards.
or I leave. bulls*** management actually don't give a s***.

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