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Posted by on 2020/11/14 under Life

how do i just talk to him 🤠 like it’s not that hard, right? he’s just another human being, but his friends can be annoying and i don’t want the questions or daily interrogations, how do i just pluck up the courage to message or talk to him, his world is so far away from mine, and i don’t know if they can mix, he seems to be interested, he looks at me a lot and his friends sometimes pick on me, and he smiles and acts weird when i’m neat him, which is odd since he’s the sporty cross country guy who’s way too far out of his shell for his own good, but that’s what’s so intriguing, how is he so confident in almost everything but he can’t talk to me, meanwhile i get mini panic attacks when ordering a milkshake. but if i were to make the first move, what would i do? i would want to become friends first before going into anything, and get to know him to see if it’s not just what i’ve seen that i’m attracted to. from what i know so far, he’s completely what i want, he’s funny, tall, pretty adorable, his voice is a masterpiece but what if i’m not what he’s looking for, so how do i approach it, because i don’t want to come off as anything but myself when first talking to him properly for the first time. again what if myself isn’t what he wants and i get shattered, i just have to live with the embarrassment for the next 2 years, maybe he’ll grow to like me 🤠 pls leave suggestions bc ah scary

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  1. Anonymous says:

    first of all relax, I know that talking to someone you like can be scary, and I don’t want to discount that, but you don’t do yourself any favours by making yourself a nervous wreck about it.

    Second, just try to strike up a conversation, if you’re in person, just “hi, how was your weekend/how’s your week been/got any plans this week” or something like that..

    Take interest in what he has to say, doesnt mean you need to change your personality to match his interests, but if you want to be friends first, build some common ground, if he plays sport like you said, and you’re interested in learning about that, ask him if he has a favourite team, or if you don’t know much about the sport he plays (again, if you are interested, no point feigning interest if you think it is super boring) ask him some questions.

    Just treat him like any other one of your friends, just because he’s male, doesn’t mean he’s some exotic animal that needs a whole lot of different care and handling than one of your female friends, just treat him like a person, see where it takes you

  2. Anonymous says:

    the thing is, just going up to him and asking how’s hes been isn’t an option, we go to school together, and we had lessons in the same class last year, but then covid struck and we basically skipped a year, and now we don’t have any lessons together, so i have no real reason to talk to him, we’ve had brief conversations, but it was just he said something i said something and then he said something and then it ended, he’s almost always with his friends too, and they’re all ‘if you’re different we’re gonna say something’ but he’s not like that.

    i just don’t have any reason for just going up to him and saying how have you been, because he’s just gonna think huh.

    but thank you for replying and helping, hopefully if i do somehow manage to spark a friendship i’ll do that but at the moment i have no real connection to him and therefore no real reason to talk to him other than wanting to know him

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