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Posted by on 2020/11/12 under Life

It is not just young girls that are obsessed. A relative and I are both in our forties, and we said it is like they put a spell on you. I started watching them in the greatest eras..the Fake Love era, and have never in my life felt like I did. I am an adult, and a very serious person. Their songs felt like they hit me hard and dragged me under a bus, made me pay attention to things I was trying to avoid, face things in myself. Their songs were also relatable.

I know people say, get over it, but trust me its a process. I just started to do that myself. I had to delete half the things on Twitter, stop watching all their music videos, and avoid their tv shows, and updates. They have content every single day, which BTW is WHY its so hard for everyone to move on. BigHit must have took a marketing class. Nobody has ever given this much content to fans. They also dont say syrupy, lovey dovey things and get us all worked up. I have never seen this in my entire life before. It’s not just you. They should not do this to their fans, its wrong. They might mean well and think its harmless, but it really is not.

Not liking someone after watching tons of videos, Bon Voyage, behind the scenes, funny videos, memes, Run episodes, Bangtan Bombs, concert footage, weverse updates, Twitter photos, it is truly never ending. You can’t forget about them because they will not let you.

I am a Christian, and threw my religion overboard for them, and am now left cleaning up the mess. It is not just a teenage thing, nope.

My advice is similiar to others and I am trying it out also:

Stay away from all K-pop. yes, I say this because other groups will just remind you of BTS.

Like a different genre entirely where there is no content given to fans. For me, its Indie music. There are people I have never heard of before that have hardly any followers, so they wont have much to say or do other than their songs.

Journal it out. My therapist told me months ago in an unrelated topic, to journal out my feelings every day. I realized when i was obsessed with BTS and had gone too far that I was going to be my own friend, and talk to myself, and talk out every single feeling I had no matter how much I hurt. Guess what? You are stronger when you take that approach. When you repress what your feeling, depression sets in, and your miserable. Face it all and use it as a chance to give yourself self care. Do your favorite things, eat your favorite foods, exercise, spend time in nature, etc.

BTS climbs deeply into a person’s soul because they tell us all the time how they feel, they are drop dead gorgeous, they are humble, personable, kind, their messages in their lyrics are very deep and unique and who they are IRL seems just as down to earth as they portray, so I dont think its a fake image at all. There are stage presence, and things like that where they bring out the best sides of themselves but they still are being who they are.

Take a break. At least cut down everything to almost 70 to 80%. I say this for other BTS fans who come here to read this post looking for answers, the original poster is probably long gone.

Sorry this is so long, but it did hurt me emotionally, and I am trying to talk myself into a better place. They have a comeback in a few months. I plan on hearing it, but not watching any content until then, and not getting obsessed afterwards. It takes severe discipline.


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