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Posted by on 2020/10/31 under Life

Last night I spent the evening on a voice call with a friend, playing overwatch ch. After I hung up at 11:30,i suddenly had a terrible wave of anxiety. The type that grips your chest, makes it hard for you to breathe and think. And honestly, I couldn't even begin to guess what was the root cause. So I went to bed early, and lay half-sleeping half panicking until I got up the next morning at 7:30,still feeling terrible. I was spiralling out, sat around drinking tea because I didn't feel up to anything at all. And then the doorbell rang, because the postman had a parcel. I picked up the parcel, wished the postie a good day, shut the door and just like that the fog was gone, I can breathe.

So did I have a 10 hour anxiety attack about the fact I knew I had a parcel arriving the next day? Mental health is weird.

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