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Posted by on 2020/10/28 under Life

this Friday I was at school and this lad I used to go out with shared a mighty big secret of mine. this guy I trusted like no other he was my support I depended on him too much at times. anyway the secret was, I was in maths with my little screwdriver as you do and I show him it and he says I thought you wasn't trusted with sharp things and max and Josh ask why and he said because she'll cut herself in the same place which isn't good then Josh says you cut I said yes he said why and then the boy that I trusted said she likes the pain and he says have you tried to kill yourself and I said yes and he says why and I said it's none of for business and I don't want to burden them with it. even my best friend said no because i dont trust her I want to but can't. so the lesson went on and I ignored everyone unless they needed help (because I'm too kind). and now my trust issues are worse and I trust absolutely no one with anything. enough about me, how was your friday?

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