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Posted by on 2020/10/17 under Life

Back when Covid first hit the US, a lot of people started wearing mask immediately! It was not days before the media started focusing on people wearing mask and many of those famous medical studies (scientist, seemed to laugh in the faces of those wearing them and said "eeeennnhhhh! its not going to hurt but its not going to help either!"……….

Now here we are in today's society and those same crack pots and the news media is all but putting a gun to your head saying wear the GD mask or we will fine you.

I don't know about everyone else, but my confidence in the medical society, news media, and anything else went out the window around2019 when I heard the news about china being the source of the covid and it was stated it would not reach the US.

No one claimed or confirmed it was airborne at that time and they were spreading rumors that it would not ever become a epic pandemic or global threat in 2019.
Yet here we are!

But everyone blames Trump for this like he could have prevented it Like he is some god. HE'S A MAN, PRESIDENT! Thats it! Hes bound to make a mistake many eyes as he cant please everyone. You are a stupid Idiot Retard to even expect, think, believe or consider he (or anyone) could do so.

Besides! Last I heard, that was the job of FEMA, CDC, WHOT/whatever and other…. but more so its still and fully to blame in its entirety …. On CHINA.

WHOT by the way says WORLD HEALTH Organization….. NOT US (only) WORLD HEALTH, so if other countries (The whole world) will not split the bill or give a damn about world health and survival, why should the US be the worlds sole savior and travel to space, hell-and-back curing the worlds diseases and problems for free!

With all the imports/exports coming-going from china alone, it was inevitable that Covid would infect every single box of imports, not just the passengers human body returning from china.

and I dont know if you ever bothered to look at a map, watch the airflow of weather, all air blows across the sea from china Russia to the California coast.

Tennessee did not have one single case of covid until a woman that just got released from china quarantine! After her return from China to the US, back to TN….. With 10 days, 14 cases were reported, then doubled, and tripped exponentially, etc to the infinity we now face Nationally.

The woman may have been cleared, but I doubt that they even bothered to burn all her clothes, luggage, etc. Saying it has to have a host as to live and thrive.

When I first heard the above claim on TV, I said Bullschit to that bogus claim as well. Now we have stores wiping down buggies and closing the 27/7 stores at 8:00 PM just to dust off the shelves and disinfect the stores every day?

Are we all fools here? They will use common employee's and tell them they have to risk thier lives to clean a store, no proper PPE or anything else other than a spray bottle of germ killer, mask and latex gloves.

Those workers at the Medical level, the ones taking covid swab test of people from their vehicle are in level 2 PPE equipment sticking q-tips up peoples noses and in their throats for gods sake!

I will continue this in my next post(IF ALLOWED) and feel like it and have time to waste.

I will probably name it….(if anyone wants to read it) …..


One thought on “Do you Remember Covid

  1. Anonymous says:

    They are obviously using this pandemic as a way to control and dehumanize society. You say China? there is no hard evidence is even came from china either, its the same media who tell nonsense about everything else. It was probably just the basic cold/flu. I agree about the masks, they said they are useless then changed their minds and the shop workers went with it. I think maybe its an alien conspiracy and all shop workers media people and government have been replaced with passive clones. Notice no one speaks out about anything ( if they did it would be censored anyway) but its not normal for everyone to be so compliant over a so called virus we have no hard evidence of it existing. Bats? no one really knows, no one, apart from the ones who do. Which is probably a few rich families oh no now im delving into conspiracy territory. Though the online giants have earned billions out of this pandemic. Im not a trump fan but i think he has handled this well. also try watching spitting image, some fun gags on that lol.

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