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Posted by on 2020/10/15 under Life

You know what ? I am tired , done. Yes , am so done with my parents, I just wanna go away from them as soon as possible. If it wasn't the 'CORONA TIME' right now , I would be happily and gladly living in a fuqing hostel …. I am just 15 years old but I already, so wish to go far away from THIS house as well as my parents.. I called my friend few days ago we chatted a bit , then I told her that I want to go to a hostel but then she asked why? I told her that I am not able to do anything in my home , it's way too comfy, and if I wanna do or achieve something I have to come out of my comfort zone, she told me to create a atmosphere which is not so comfortable in my home itself. Bish!! She thinks everyone can study or achive their goals and dreams by living or sleeping in the comforts of their home?!! Not everyone are like that and also a house doesn't create an atmosphere for hardwork or studies, not at all. It's just way too comfy that you eventually start to procrastinate a lot and develop it as a habit.. I don't know about others but I can't study or do anything at my house, not at all..and achieving dreams is a thing which seems to be very far if I continue to stay at my house. The people whom I know and who are very successful lived in a dorm or a rented flat far away from their home, they're are still living far away from their home… Okay , I don't really care about others but if I wanna achieve my dreams and goals and do something in my life I HAVE to come out of my comfort zone and for that I have to move out of my house and away from my family. And also the thing is I am not at all a family person , I am independent , way too independent , and my family is also partly at fault for this. They are the kind of people , whom I hate , their nature . Because of them I eventually became an independent person, not that it is a bad thing but it's also not so good thing. I finally found what I want to do in my life span, what I want to BE in my life span. Four months,… Four months went by blur and I haven't been able to do anything , not even a single thing. The syllabus in my class in all subjects, is almost finished, and I haven't even read or practiced the first chapter of all the subjects… Fuq all!!

One thought on “Fuq-ed up !!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hold it right there tender little spoiled snowflake!

    Your 15 and only 2-3 years out of puberty! How entreating!

    But if you are so snowflake confident and bad ass about moving out, dont let that ((((COVID 19)))) thing scare or stop you. hop on out there and show the world how bad you are and cop that attitude with the world as well.
    I would have done kicked you out so fast the door would be hardly opened enough for you to slide though. No packing anything as mommy and daddy own it and paid for it (yea even your clothes).

    And when you go potty, those little turds were paid for by mommy and daddy as well, just like that little booster seat with the hole in the center so you dont get poopy on your bum. You know that dirty stuff mommy takes the baby wipe and cleans off you!

    So Mr/Miss Puberty is going to take on the world that even a 30 year old man/woman cant navigate with your wonderful plan of living in a hostel.
    Ha ha ha ha! I know kids are stupid, but my dear little spoiled snowflake child you must be the ultimate mental retard of epic proportions with that fantasy land thought!

    But I have a better Idea! I know some guys that just louuuuuve fresh 15 year old meat. They have a special basement just for snowflakes like you. Its all free just like the hostel! Do you like leather or rubber? I would say latex, but they will find out if you are one of those snowflakes that is allergic to latex or not. If so they will surely use it every day just for the fun of of seeing you squirm uncontrollably! But they take good care of you and make sure your arms are bound so you don’t scratch!

    You wont even need any money, there are pleanty of ways the allow you to pay! But expect to be cooperative and non of this snowflake attitude. Then again they might like that and give you the special room all to yourself!Its not very big but at least you have room to breath!

    Food is still free of charge just like at home. Hope you like Juicy apples and I mean really juicy! They have one special appetizer the call stuffed piggy with apple garnish. You’ll learn to like it as they serve it several times each week. But they do rotate! They will even oil you up and give you a free massage every single day for free. Sometimes 3 times a day! You never know as they operate 24/7 365 days a year. No vacations for the first 3 years though and no free internet access!

    Yes my little 15 year old pubescent snowflake with the superior attitude, go with the above option or the hostel either one. I am sure they will find you pretty quick.
    Does mommy and/or daddy give you any of the special treatment like that noted above? If so I know you will feel (not) right at home.

    Bottom line: Best keep your spoiled unappreciative/ungrateful little know it all ass at home and quit b****ing like you are suffering some torment. Else that torment might just come look you up.

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