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Posted by on 2020/10/13 under Life

I have read few of the articles here and i am really amazed how beautifully people express their thoughts. Sorry i will not be able to write perfectly. I really need someone to listen to the ocean inside me. I am really a mess i need my life to be dorted its like i am seeing my own destruction and i am just helpless and not able to stop it.
I know i am the only one to be blamed for all but i just dont want to accept it.. I always run away from my problems i just totally left it to god. And in the end i blame god for everything and anything. I am turned to an atheist now. I just feel heartbroken and depressed and the worst part is i have noone to get help from and the fact that i want to get back to good days but still i have no help.
When i used to believe in god i had a hope that he is always there to help me he will find a way for me.. But when he also stopped i literally felt the pain inside me the emotional pain
I am shattered i have been ignored all my life my family friends everybody just dont bother about me.
I dont even know what i need right now.
I just want to quit.
I am literally done now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, here’s my piece of advice to you.

    God, is not here to make your life super easy and give you whatever it is that your heart is yearning for. God is our savior. He is the highest power and gives us hope that no matter how awful things get in life, we’re not truly alone. Think of God as the friend that is always there to lend you a helping hand and hear you out. We go through hardships and things that break us into tiny bits. But that’s because we are being taught a lesson. You get the “wrong” people in life at first so that when a good one comes along you know how to appreciate them. Otherwise, each one of our traits would suit everyone’s needs. And God is not a jeanie in a bottle. He won’t grand wishes right away. But , i tell you this, miracles do happen. And they happen everyday. Maybe we take those small miracles for granted, maybe they haven’t happened to us in a while. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t appear ever or that they haven’t happened already!!! God is there for you, He gives you hope in times of need. That’s why most people turn to Him. Yes, we sometimes tend to try and find someone to put the blame on for whatever it is that’s happening in our lives, but that’s just a coping mechanism and human nature.
    Instead of watching your life fall apart, focus on starting it over. “Revive” yourself. Make small changes that will cheer you up by taking it a step at a time.
    There’s nothing to gain from giving up. But there’s plenty to win by holding on 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thankyouu so much! Whoever you are, you have motivated me and i promise you i will recover and try my best to win my goals.
    Again a big thanks to you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    There’s no need to thank me 🙂 I’m just happy i could help!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want your help. Today my result came and i scored very less than what i expected.i dont know what my next step should be. My parents wants me to prepare for it again or join other course. But i am really tensed if i am not able to perform good next time?
    But i really want to crack it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am not the same one as above.

    Its hard for me to make out if you are a Foreigner or just poor at English and its structure. Maybe you are just too young and are still learning, But please realize I am only trying to help.

    I am not mocking you, but I just want to point out the reason for my stance of responses.Is English your first or second language? Or are you just that young?

    1. i scored very less than what i expected
    I scored lower than what I expected.
    (when speaking about yourself (I) is always a capital letter never lower case.)

    I love you very much!
    There is no (I love you very less) in the English structure. So it would be “I do not love you!
    But I do love you!

    2. My parents wants me to prepare for it again or join other course
    My parents want me to study more and prepare to take the test again or
    consider taking another course.
    consider taking other courses.
    consider taking the other course.
    consider taking a different course.

    (Parent is singular as in one parent mom or dad but not both,
    Parents wants -not moms and dads wants me to ….
    Parents wants me too… is the wrong in the way that you used it in your sentence.
    Its either
    my Mom wants me too….
    my Dad wants me too….
    my Parents want me too…. not Parents wants.
    Parents = 2 or more adults
    Wants = 2 or more or more wishes
    Both (two) Parents can have one wish, they both want you to succeed and be the best person you can be.

    However! My Parents wants (wants meaning wishes) are always respected!

    So it is a little more easy to see why you might not have done as well as you wanted to do on your test.

    If you are learning English as a second language, you are doing good but keep trying and learning! The faults are understandable but need to be improved. The English language can sometimes be a little confusing and difficult to grasp for many people,so don’t give up and keep learning.

    But as for the test! What you may be feeling is what is called anxiety or test anxiety, which occurs when you are not as prepared for a test as you want or need to be. You are so stressed about doing good on the test that you cant perform or do as well. You could have if you were not under the stress.
    You are also feeling the pressure of what your parents are suggesting as you tried but failed.
    You will rise again I promise!

    Most people are never successful unless they have failed at some point. For many, failure is a ladder to greatness. Failure should allow you see our mistakes and urge you to try harder in those areas. So try to understand that Failure as a learning block that can teach you where you need to improve, it is not a limitation to your greatness. so don’t give up! Keep trying!
    Try to take the worries and stress out of the picture before you study and before you take a test. Talk to your Parents about the what is troubling you, talk to them about the test and how you feel about the other options.Don’t argue the points with your parents! Arguing will only cause other stresses and block your mind and concentration further.

    Study and go take the test with an open mind, don’t worry during the test, go with your first choice of answer, not your second choice.

    After you are done with the test, recheck you answers and look for mistakes, but dont doubt your first choices while reviewing the test unless you know them to be wrong. chances are your subconscious mind will usually try to tell you the correct answer even though you don’t think you know the answer while under stress. so the first choice answer will be correct.

    I cant see the sky but something tells me its about to rain…. and then it does rain! eg a correct answer and your mind, your subconcious told you! So go with first choice answers if you don’t know and cant figure it out and “THAT something” is telling you to.

    If you don’t know an answer, dont wast time and go to the next question, you can always return to the unanswered question later when you are done with the others.
    Most of all, answer all questions! If its a true/false or multiple choice, its better to guess and mark an answer than to leave the question blank. Unanswered-blank questions on a test are always counted as wrong when it comes to grading and will always lower your score!

    If you are stressed over you parents then you cant focus as well on studying as to do better. It will only nag in your subconscious until you release it. You release it by eliminating it, by talking to your parents.
    When you do talk to your parents be respectful and don’t get upset when they are trying to help you.

    One last thing, stress effects sleep and causes mind fatigue. So relive the stress before you go to sleep or try to study, Take short breaks every 30 minutes while studying, turn the music down and dont let it drown out the books.If your singing and saying “Hey I like this song” you are not studying!

    Get a good nights sleep before the test, a sleepy mind is slow, an awake mind is sharp and fast!
    Then when you wake in the morning, realize the test you failed helped you CRACK this next test!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am not perfect at English nor spelling, but I do hope I helped.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The anynomous person above seemed really nice and i hope they helped you out!!
    What i would do is ask myself this; Do you really like this course? If the answer is yes, you can just study a bit harder and try to ace the exam you have next time. If the answer is no, however, you should definitely consider dropping that course. There’s no use in trying to study something you’re not interested in. And i think English is a mandatory subject in every school. It was in mine , at least

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you
    I will definitely work on the points you mentioned.
    I hope I will be able to cope with my stress and make my mom and dad proud!

  9. Anonymous says:

    No, that’s not the point at all. Your mom amd dad will be proud of you regardless of the outcome. Firstly and most importantly, you need to make yourself proud. Proud of excelling if you may, at something you like indeed. That’s gonna make your parents proud

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