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Posted by on 2020/08/28 under Life

Today I came out of the store and was lighting a smoke when two girls pulled up behind me (Mr. White guy).
Both girls got out and walked right past my car almost denting it as they bumped into it, as they only snapped thier heads around to look at some nigger who had his back to them. so they looked about 3 times each. The girls were white. NIGGER LOVERS, tramps, Fuk bait Meat trash.

I watched as they were so engrossed they didn't pay attention to where they were headed. Wally world locked the set of doors over 3 months ago and you can now only enter from the other door. Even the stupidest retard person knows this.

Ironically they and I were parked closer to the OPEN Doors, but they just had to walk in the open so they would stand a better chance that the nigger would notice them. He finally looked. As i pulled out I said that door is locked, but they never flinched or validated any of my words. Its just so wrong to respond to the volentary kindness of a person now isnt it.

So I pulled out and started driving to the exit and as I got closer told them agin! No reaction.
So I made a even more obvious effort and very deserving of the two and said

Hey! you stupid nigger bait meat, that door is locked you have to go to the other doors.
I tuned them out as soon as I said it but did hear some type of b**** response as if I crossed some line.
I responded with a Fuk you nigger bait and kept on going.

I hope they both end up in a car wreck.
No one notices someone even in directness and acts oblivious until you are aggressive and rude. then suddenly they hear every offending word you say. and are offended, the victim, etc…

Truly Niggers.

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