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Posted by on 2020/08/11 under Life

I had a boyfriend in college. This person was manipulative. He didn’t allow me to even spend time with my sister when she flew over to visit me. He also restricted most of my social relationships. He demanded that I take care of housework and didn’t help with a single thing no matter how many times I asked him. He even ordered me to run errands for him. He asked me to make drinks for him every day and never made drinks for me. He compared me with other girls who can cook better and asked me to take cooking classes in order to cook for him.

But I tolerated everything. Actually before I met him, I had dated a far worse man. I have to say that my tolerance for bad men is very high. Or have I been treating my boyfriends too kindly??

Then I married the 3rd boyfriend. He’s a good man but he’s too care-free. Most of things in the family are managed by me so he doesn’t have to care much. He doesn’t even have to pay for our baby’s food and diapers expenses. I also take up loan to renovate the house and pay 65% of mortgage. And he thinks we are doing okay. Yes we’re doing okay in terms of combined income but I have to work way harder to support the family. His earnings are not even enough to buy food for the family!

Then I asked him to take actions to earn more money. And you know what, I feel a bit bad after that even though it’s the right thing to do. It’s really that I am being too kind to my man.

At the end of the day, yes it’s me it’s only me who is suffering in the dark….

Worse, my parents-in-law think it’s okay for a young mother to both earn money to provide for family and still do cooking and cleaning while the man contributes minimally.
And my parents-in-law only care about their own money, they want my husband to work for them and pays him very little and they think that’s okay because I’m already earning enough for both of us.

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